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Who do u stand for??


Unbelievers ( those who don’t believe in Jesus Christ) call we believers crazy.
I’ll say true we are crazy.
Who believes in a God he has never seen?? That makes us crazy then.
They call us fanatics , true again but we are fanatical about the right person tho! ( Jesus Christ).

But the simple truth is that most of these unbelievers (no offence tho) are in denial .
They see God’s creation and His works in their lives they don’t just want to accept it .
Those who finally accepted Jesus after a long time of being in denial are in hiding because they were once SAUL now they are PAUL so they don’t want to be called what they were calling believers years ago.

The truth is God is alive, Jesus is so much alive , I see His wonders in my life everyday and I know you see His wonders in your life too.

Accept it, Step out, Be bold and stand for JESUS

Life of teen tilll….

Running though no one pursues
But somewhere in my heart i
Know someone will definitely
Pursue me.

So I am running in advance
So that
That someone will have a long
Distance to run.

So my story begins
Been running for years
Getting tired of running
The moment I said that in my
Heart I fell into a ditch.

I fell face flat couldn’t move
Couldn’t breathe the only time
I moved was to catch my breath
As tired as I was I still longed
For life.
Right there in the ditch I wanted my life back but didn’t know how to get it .

But my first step to life was to stand up when I did I saw a man
Garment so white, I felt like that someone has caught up with me so I cried for the first time in years , couldn’t stop crying but through my tears I saw the man smile.

His smile ardent
Right there I was confused
I mean i was dirty full of shitty things and someone so clean so pure gives me an ardent smile
Like that wasn’t enough he said come I said am afraid if I come i may stain your white but something propelled me to go.

I took my first step , my foot heavy from mud as I took another step I noticed I couldn’t look at his face but in an amazing way I could see that smile.
I couldn’t walk anymore and that ardent smile kept bothering me untill it brought me to my knees.
Something surprising happened
He touched me , oh gosh he touched me.

Someone so pure and clean touched my filthy hand wanting to pull me up
The feeling of his hand on my hand was unexplainable.
I felt something changed

Guess what changed ???